Energy Saving Improvements for your Home & Business

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Once we have produced your GDAR it can be taken to one of more Green Deal Providers who will fund the improvements and agree your Green Deal (finance) plan based on the savings indicated on your Green Deal Advice Report.


They will arrange and pay for Green Deal Installers to come and install the approvements that you have agreed.


Green Deal Explained

The Governments new GREEN DEAL is an innovative financial mechanism that lets households pay for energy efficiency improvements through savings on their energy bills.

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The Green Deal has four stages :-

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Finance. . . to agree a Green Deal (repayment) Plan

Installation. . . by registered Green Deal Installers

Repayment. . . by a Green Deal charge added to you electricity bill


Your GDP will arrange and pay for Green Deal Installers to come and install the improvements you have chosen. GDI's are accredited and audited to ensure they meet the high standards specified by the Green Deal scheme.

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Energy Saving Home Improvments


We will conduct an assessment of your home and use Government approved software to calculate its Energy Efficiency Rating which will be shown in an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate).


Our Green Deal Advisor will discuss with you more about how you currently use your energy in terms of heating, hot water, appliances and lighting and look at your recent energy bills to prepare your Occupancy Assessment.


The information collected during your Green Deal assessment will be used to produce your Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR) which is a comprehensive report on your property and recommends the improvements that will make the most difference to your home and your lifestyle ... improvements specifically tailored to YOU with the potential costs and savings for each improvement.


Obtaining a GDAR is the initial documentation that you will need to enter into a Green Deal.




A Green Deal Advisor (GDA) is qualified and accredited to conduct a Green Deal assessment of your property and is bound by a strict Code of Practice to ensure impartiality at all time. He will certainly be experienced with all of the energy savings improvements that you may be interested in.


A Green Deal Advisor must be INDEPENDENT and IMPARTIAL and have no undeclared financial incentive in recommending one type of improvement over another. . .he cannot engage in the 'selling' process.


Advice Report (GDAR)

Your Green Deal Advice Report -  GDAR will detail how your household uses energy compared to an average UK household with a calculation of the savings and estimated costs associated in installing the improvements you are interested in.


It will indicate which improvements are fully covered by the savings that they make and therefore the total amount that can be financed by your Green Deal plan.

(you can chose all or just some of the improvements recommended)





Who Should I Contact First?

Whoever you contact first they will need to arrange for a Green Deal Assessment and the production

of a Green Deal Advice Report before they can move forward.

ARRANGE YOUR GREEN DEAL ASSESSMENT TODAY > Did you know you could recieve additional funding for installing energy saving improvements? Arrow black small whatisgreendeal
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