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Green Deal West Midlands - Receive Regular Income for Heating Your Home with Renewable Energy

Interested in Renewable Energy?

RHI - Renewable Heat Incentive

The Governments new Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a financial incentive to encourage a switch to renewable heating systems like BIOMASS, HEAT PUMPS and SOLAR THERMAL.  


RHI payments are available to Owners, Landlords & Tenants and should be of particular benefit to anyone without a MAINS GAS supply who have the most to save on their fuel bills. To apply for Domestic RHI you  will need to have a GREEN DEAL Advice Report (GDAR), an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and a MCS Certificate (MCS).  

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You can get regular quarterly payments for seven years (domestic) for installing a renewable heating system in your home

Biomass Boilers

Air Source Heat Pumps - ASHP


Ground Source Heat Pumps - GSHP

Receive a regular income for switching to a GREEN heating system
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With conventional heating systems such as gas, oil or electricity for every £1 worth of 'energy' that you put into the system you will always get less than a £1's worth of energy out of the system in terms of heat to your home (ie - they can't be more than 100% efficient).


However with Renewable technologies such as HEAT PUMPS (air-source / ground-source / water-source) for every £1's worth you put in ... you get 3/4/5 £'s worth of energy out of the system. This additional 'energy' comes from the air, ground or water in which your system is installed (even at extremely low temperature).


In the case of BIOMASS the fuel used is considered CARBON NEUTRAL as the wood fuel collects carbon from the environment during its lifetime then releases it back during combustion. SOLAR Thermal of course uses 'free' energy from sunlight and has no waste product.


Renewable Heating Systems should be of particular interest to homes which are NOT Connected to MAINS GAS !!!

Your FIRST STEP in getting a GREEN DEAL Advice Report is to have a Green Deal Assessment of your property by an accredited Green Deal Assessor like Green Deal West Midlands.


We can discuss each of these renewable technologies with you in detail and supply you with the GDAR & EPC that you will need for for your RHI claim.


Solar Thermal



Solar PV is not covered under the RHI scheme although you can receive regular Feed in Tariff (FiT) payments for the electricty that you don't use which is exported back to the National Grid in addition to the low cost elelctricity that you do use in your home.




The NON-DOMESTIC Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme is for renewable heating systems installed into industrial, commercial or public premises such as small and large businesses, schools, hospitals and organisations with heating systems that serve more than one home like blocks of flats and groups of houses (district heating).


Generally, if your renewable heating system heats more than one building :-


  • Properties with a home office within a dwelling that can get a domestic EPC should be eligible for DOMESTIC Renewable Heat Incentive

  • Properties with an annex attached to the house are normally covered by a single domestic EPC and should be eligible for DOMESTIC Renewable Heat Incentive

  • Properties with Self Contained Out Buildings that are heated by the same renewable heating system would normally have seperate EPC's are NOT eligible for DOMESTIC RHI (but may be eligible for Non-Domestic RHI).

  • Properties with other Out Buildings that are heated by the same renewable heating system may not be eligible for Domestic RHI (but may be eligible for Non-Domestic RHI)


The Non-Domestic RHI scheme has a seperate eligibility and application process.



Renewable heating systems work best in well insulated homes so a Green Deal assessment will confirm that you have some basic levels of insulation already installed such as cavity wall & loft insulation (if applicable).


Your Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR) will indicate any obvious improvements you should make prior to your Domestic RHI application to bring your home up to the minimum level of energy efficiency required to maximise your claim. In addition, the assessment process will give you an opportunity to discuss all of the technologies available and an INDEPENDENT overview of which are most suitable for your property & household.


Obtaining a GDAR is the initial documentation that you will need to enter into a Green Deal and is required for your Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive claim.



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