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Since the Government introduced the Feed in Tariff (FIT) for Solar PV (photoivoltaic) back in April 2010 you receive a  payment for every unit of electricity the solar system generates for the next 20 years. To qualify for the scheme you have to use products and installers certified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).


However there are a number of factors which will influence how much you will actually receive and you will require an Energy Performance Certificate for your property with an energy rating of least a 'D'.

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A Green Deal assessment will calculate the specific savings that might be made by installing various energy saving improvements into your home and is the first step in setting up a Green Deal plan where you pay for improvements from the savings that they generate for you, bit by bit over time.


Although Solar PV and Solar Thermal are excellent investments for many homes they are most effective if installed as part of an overall 'energy saving strategy' for your home. A Green Deal assessment will prioritise the improvements you could make so that you can consider them in relation to each other and determine which are going to be the most effective for your specific property, family and life-style patterns.

Interested in Solar Energy?

Specific information on the savings you might make by installing Solar in YOUR home! Arrow black small solar 3


There are three elements to the the savings your might make by installing Solar PV in your home, the Generation tariff, the Export tariff and Savings made on your electricity bill by 'purchasing' less energy from your supplier.


The amount you receive from each element varies from home to home so it will not be suitable for all properties, family or life-style combinations. However in most properties Solar PV can be a valuable investment and a steady stream of income if installed as part of the overall 'energy reduction strategy' for your home, for example you might get a better 'return on your investment' by improving how well you are insulated or heated first.



An alternative option to Solar PV may be Solar Thermal panels which are much more efficient than Solar PV panels and requires less roof area than Solar PV but only produces hot water (not electricity) which means that your overall savings will be less but so will the cost (on average) of installing the system.


Savings will vary to an even greater extent upon your family and lifestyle situation but you can also receive payments for installing a Solar Thermal system under the Governments Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme which guarentees you tax free payments for severn years for installing renewable technologies such as Solar Thermal.

  • generation tariff - a fixed rate paid for the total amount of electricity you generate and dependent upon the size and posiiton of your Solar PV panels when they were installed (this generally accounts for the bulk of your FiT payment so larger, south facing roofs work best).


  • export tarifff - is paid for the electicity that you don't use yourself and exported back to the national grid if you do not have a 2-way meter this is 'deemed' (estimated) at 50% of what you produce (this therefore is also determined by the size and position of your Solar panels unless you hae a 2-way meter installed).


  • savings made - if you use the electicity that you produce from your Solar panels you don't need to buy so much from your electricity supplier therefore your electricity bill will go down (this will vary depending upon your family and lifestyle patterns).

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